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 Life is a big composition. When you begin to work towards a vision that is not tangible and literally just a fuzzy image in your mind, it can be overwhelming. Like painting, one starts simply with the rag tag set of tools they have access to (are they even the right tools?), the beginning of the painting looks messy and not much like what the vision is intended to be. It takes courage to get past the stick figure forms and the possibility of failure. Slowly after many hours of determination, you take a step back, and realize… This painting sucks. But instead of giving in, you see the mistakes made and try again, this time your muscles already know where they need to go to get to their destination. Slowly you can see the vision becoming fulfilled. You can't believe you created this with your own two mortal hands…You are 90% of the way done. Do you stop? No, you’ve come too close. As you add the final details, the vision is fulfilled, yet there is still so much to learn. The artistic process for me is the same  as the scientific method.


I have been a visual artist for as far back as I can remember, it has guided every memory I have in this life. In the way it made me brave enough to push through the messiness of starting a composition, this process has been the blueprint of starting my own business, and creating my own career as a cosmetologist and a visual artist. I believe art has the power to heal, and can be a great teacher of perseverance and self discipline. As much as I love painting for myself, I strive  to find ways to inspire others to be creative. There is nothing wrong with simply just creating beautiful paintings, but I love art so much, I want to boil over and spill creativity onto every surface I meet. Life for me is a mission of inspiring others to be creative and curious. 


My work is a slow observation of the human condition. I am passionate about the external human anatomy and the inner workings of the human mind. I often start my work by listening to some music and write whatever I am feeling that day, giving tangibility to the emotions. This leads to a dreamlike meditation where I allow my mind to see forms moving and changing shape (a technique I used a lot as a little kid to help myself fall asleep and escape the frequent night terrors). I follow up the writing with a very rough sketch usually covered in notation with light sources, color themes, ect. In the act of making a painting I often go through a very introspective and therapeutic experience. It not only allows me to dissect a thought or feeling, but inspires curiosity about the external benefactors. I have spent years of my life interviewing and researching the subjects of my creation. Art has made every day a view through a cinematic window in wonder of the detailed beauty within life. 


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