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   Art has never been something I intentionally decided to do. It has been a part of me for as far back as I can remember and has guided every memory I have. I strive everyday to use my craft to help other people, like it has helped me maneuver through life.

    I grew up in a small town called Sugar City in Idaho, This town offered me little opportunity as a career in the arts, but a whole lot of time to paint, draw, and observe the world around me. As my obsession with art continued to grow over the years so did my curiosity and desire to travel into the world outside of my hometown. I have a love for the human form and condition which led me to attain my cosmetology license in 2010. I knew by choosing this career path I would be able to get a job wherever I moved, be creative, and still be able to make art. Since that year I have been working as a cosmetologist and a fine artist. These two worlds of art often interact with each other and influence my process.

     My art is often based around the anatomy of humans and figures. It straddles the realms of realism and surrealism. When I paint I usually begin by sitting down, listen to some music, and write. In the action of doing this my mind enters a dream like view in my minds eye where shapes emerge with purpose and form based off of feelings, sounds, and thoughts made tangible through writing. I feel my creations with every ounce of my being in this meditation, and nothing brings me more joy that seeing them come to life on any type of canvas.

      I occasionally wonder what it would be like to live in a mind with out the constant desire to create. It is almost unfathomable, as I identify with the arts in every part of my existence. It's what makes me boil over with happiness that I aspire to fill the people I encounter with that same excitement, energy, and consciousness.


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