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  • A great option if you are unsure what you desire.
  • Wash and blow dry styled out as desired.
    35 US dollars
  • Ideal for men's cuts and women's pixies. Includes wash, cut, and style
    30 US dollars
  • For hair lengths below the jawline. Includes wash, cut, and style.
    50 US dollars
  • Includes shampoo and blow dry.
    25 US dollars
  • Up to 2"of regrowth. $15 for extra bowls of color after that length.
    55 US dollars
  • Includes wash and style
    105 US dollars
  • Refreshing, altering or deepening color.
    80 US dollars
  • Great for men's color or short pixies
    40 US dollars
  • For clients with hair below jawline. Includes blow-dry.
    130 US dollars
  • Hair lengths above jawline. Includes wash and style.
    70 US dollars
  • 12-16 foils used strategically to accent an area of the hair.
    65 US dollars
  • 12-16 foils, includes blowdry and style.
    115 US dollars
  • Highlights for 50% of the overall hair. Used to create dimension.
    90 US dollars
  • Color, cut, & personalized blow dry
    140 US dollars
  • for overall lightening and/or depth woven in
    120 US dollars
  • Full highlights, cut, & personalized blow dry
    170 US dollars
  • Up to an inch of regrowth. Price increase if longer.
    85 US dollars
  • For long hair, Includes blow-dry + $30 for toner, if needed.
    135 US dollars
  • Lightening service for pixies and men's cuts. Extra $15 for toner.
    115 US dollars
  • Great for more dimension & introducing some overall lightening.
    130 US dollars
  • Color, cut, and blow-dry.
    180 US dollars
  • Ideal for a transformation or if you'd like to see a lot of blond.
    160 US dollars
  • Color, cut, & blow-dry
    210 US dollars
  • Full removal of color and deposit of new color.
    Starting at $200
  • Full transformation, cut, & blow-dry
    Starts at $250
  • A subtle shift meant to cancel out or enhance a color.
    65 US dollars
  • Products used to extend longevity of these services.
    20 US dollars
  • Complementary if you've had a haircut with me within the last 6 months
    $5 for new clients
  • Added by stylist to service as needed
    15 US dollars
  • Added as needed to your service by your stylist.
    15 US dollars
  • Used to gently shift existing color, not for total color removal
    60 US dollars
  • Smoothing service
    195 US dollars
  • 80 US dollars
  • B3 deep cond, lasts for 12 washes. Comes with a blowout.
    50 US dollars
  • B3 deep conditioning lasts up to 12 washes.
    65 US dollars

If you have any questions or issues with bookings please text, call, or email and allow a 24 hour respond time.

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