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Of all the things I'll miss the most...

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

To draw in breath and exhale truth into this world is all we are ever meant to do. Yet, Lungs peel open like thick velvet curtains, then turn in on themselves where they meet the stage we walk around and play pretend on. And the spotlight is so bright, all I can see is myself. We act like we don't know it's coming, The final act. It's the only thing that stays with us until the end. Maybe when our eyes finally meet we will already be old friends. And of all the things I'll miss the most, I'll miss the moments that you miss me. It makes my heart tremble with fear. I'll swallow that truth until it reaches my core, where the cracks show enough to let your love fill them... Like a dog you've never had a conversation with, but somehow knows your whole heart. And it hurts like hell when it's gone. Time will move on, and that's how I know you'll know. But how do I get you to dance on my grave without dropping and atom bomb? Maybe it's because of the way I know you. The way our hearts reveal their light to each other. When the curtains finally close. Light lives on. The cycle continues.

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