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As a visual artist, I strive to incorporate creativity into every aspect of my life. When I graduated from Paul Mitchell's hair academy in 2010, I found that I was able to use many elements of my craft as a painter in the three-dimensional world of hair.

Something that I've always admired from creative types, is their ability of foresight. For example, composers who hear the music before it’s manifested or visual artists who see the painting before a drop of paint has made it onto a canvas. As a visual artist myself, I strive to incorporate visions of my client’s full hair potential into my work. Every person's hair reacts different to colors and cuts. Knowing this, I acknowledge that each client can't just google a picture of hair that they like on the internet and copy and paste it on their head. My artistic background helps me creatively come up with solutions to reach each person's unique hair goals with the canvas they come in with.

Although I love nearly every part of doing hair, I find that coloring and cutting are definitely my favorite. I am well versed in cutting short or long hair and enjoy working with all textures. I am also familiar with a myriad of color lines. I began my career in Idaho working with Paul Mitchell, moved to Washington where I worked for TIGI, and later, Northern Arizona where I worked for Aveda. I have worked with other color brands like Kenra, Wella, and now primarily Lanza.

Although I love thinking outside of the box to attain personal creativity in my work, I find that the most important part of what I do is inspiring joy in people's lives through hair. I strive to make my clients feel better than they did when they first entered the door. I ask a lot of questions because I believe we are the directors of our own personal destinies, and in the end, it's not about how I want your hair to look, it's about helping each client achieve the look that best suits their life. I'm here to assist you!

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